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PlayTo allows you to cast your favorite content/media from your phone, tablet directly to any of your casting devices. Stream Photos, Music & Videos from 150+ websites, your phone or other media servers to your big screen. SUPPORTED CASTING DEVICES
• Chromecast • Amazon FireTV • Apple TV • Xbox • Roku • Samsung, Sony and and other Smart TVs • Other DLNA Media Players SUPPORTED MEDIA
• HTML5 videos/audio • News, Sports and other live streams in HLS/M3U8 formats • MP4 videos UNIQUE FEATURES
• Unified search across media servers. • Play videos from your Facebook wall. • Infinite scrolling for media servers content • Ad and malware blocking for websites • Video ads skipping for websites • One click cast option using Android 6.0 Direct Share PREMIUM FEATURES
★ Unlimited streaming ★ Ad-free experience LIMITATIONS
• PlayTo does not host these videos, we are not associated with web media providers. • PlayTo does not support Flash and FLV videos • We do not support websites with copyrighted contents. ★ We do not encourage piracy. We are happy to remove such sites from our default bookmarks. TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS AND HELP
We have laid out a document to help trouble shoot common issues, please read through this before rating the app. https://github.com/playtotv/docs/wiki If you're having any trouble, PLEASE CONTACT US at info@playto.tv BEFORE RATING
, so we can help you out and improve the App.

November 26, 2018
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