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Podcast Republic is a top quality Podcast App on Android with over 4M downloads, 76K+ authentic reviews, 600K+ podcasts and 40M+ episodes worldwide. An app you can trust!
Podcast Republic allows you to manage your Podcasts
, Radios
, Audio books
, YouTube channels
, SoundCloud channels
and RSS news/blog feeds
within a single app. Feature completed and highly customizable. Just install it and start enjoying your favorite shows whenever you like wherever you go! Minimal permission requirement:
An app cares about your privacy! Beta program:
Join our beta program: https://goo.gl/By2Htd. Feedback:
Please contact us in case you have any issues/questions. Website:
https://www.podcastrepublic.net Twitter:
@castrepublic Reddit:
https://www.reddit.com/r/Podcast_Republic_App DISCOVERY / SUBSCRIPTIONS
- Support all major networks: NPR, PRX, PBS, Gimlet, BBC, Serial, Ted Talks, etc. - Discover and subscribe to 600K+ shows and 40M+ episodes. - Support importing from RSS/ATOM feed directly. - Import and export subscriptions using OPML file format. - Play your audiobooks, music or local media files in one app. - Sync your subscriptions and playback progress to cloud and connected devices in real time. - Rate and leave a review for your favorite shows. - A full featured RSS feeds reader. PLAYBACK / AUDIO EFFECTS
- Built-in audio effects such as volume boosting, skipping silence and equalizer. - Variable playback speed for all Android versions. Save your time with fast playback speed. - True multiple playlists support for better playback organization. - Prioritize your listening with the powerful priority playlists feature. - Smart play queue feature designed with podcast listening in the mind. - Schedule to play podcast or radio at a specific time. Wake up with your favorite show. - Set sleep timer to stop the playback while you sleep. - Gesture operated Car mode. Control the playback with simple gestures. No need to look for the controls on the screen at all. - Customizable shaking actions to control your playback without opening your phone. - Customize skipping intervals in the mid of the playback, or even skip the beginning/ending of the podcast. - Remember your playback position and pick up from where you left last time. - Live radio streaming support. - Support Chromecast, Android wear, and Android Auto. - Support to play video in picture in picture (PIP) mode NOTIFICATION / AUTOMATION
- Fully automated download. Check podcast update at a configurable interval. - Automatically delete downloaded episode file after been listened. - Control the app through Intents from third party apps like Tasker, ... CLOUD SYNCING / AUTO BACKUP
- Sync your subscriptions and playback progress to cloud and connected devices in real time. - Schedule automatic backup of the app data. Keep your data safe! MISC
- Powerful Episode filter to view episodes as based on various criteria (playback state, download state, publishing date, etc). - True SD card support. Save episode downloads to any location on SD card. - Fully configurable to meet your specific needs. - Sixteen color themes to select, including the automatically day and night theme switching. This app is ads supported app. Ads can be removed through in-app purchase.

February 21, 2020
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