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= NOTICE ===================== THE VIDEO JUST SHOWS AN EXAMPLE FOR HOW TO USE POPUP WIDGET CREATIVELY. THE FANTASTIC UI WAS COMPOSED OF POPUP WIDGET AND ZOOPER WIDGET. SO IT CANNOT BE MADE ONLY BY THIS APPLICATION! ============================= Video from http://octoba.net/archives/20140527-android-app-popupwidget2-314562.html Demo & Tutorial: http://youtu.be/3IjMdw1TgYI You can create a shortcut (1x1 widget) to widgets with this application. The widget will appear with a cool animation by tapping the shortcut. Now this supports: - creating shortcut to one or multiple widgets - 20 or more internal background skins - plenty options for the popping up animation and behavior. - TASKER action plugin. Main benefits of using popup widget: 1. Save memory and battery used by the widgets on your launcher 2. Save the space of home screen 3. Better scroll performance of launcher 4. Create your own UI

February 27, 2020
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