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If you have a small memory phone or a high tech device feel the RARE ADVANTAGE – unfair to many, but very legal to you NOW - of having the POWER OF INTERNET FREEDOM in you hands. PrivatBrowse lets you: 1) Do your thing (it only uses ~10 MB, meaning no resource hoarding) 2) Even you can put that old phone to surf like a pro! (Grandma will love you for that!) 3) Surf privately (no local cache, form data or history ever saved) 4) Surf today's modern web sites (Capable, and compatible means always ready for you) 5) Enjoy the ride (Gorgeous material design) PrivatBrowse lets you reinvent yourself, multiply your search power, be the master of your destiny. Escape to PrivatBrowse, to live the FREE life that you deserve. Android and Google are trademarks of Google Inc. Bing is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. DuckDuckGo is a trademark of DuckDuckGo, Inc. Yahoo! is a trademark of Yahoo Inc. By installing this app you agree to the Terms of Service (https://jonathan-apps.com/privatbrowse/terms-of-service/), End User License Agreement (https://jonathan-apps.com/privatbrowse/eula/), and Privacy Policy (https://jonathan-apps.com/privatbrowse/privacy-policy/).

March 28, 2016
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