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Caprice Radio Network - online broadcasting network to any taste. The music world how it is supposed to be: commercial-free, no jingles or DJs. Only music! This 100% free and cutting edge app takes you to the other side! Works great on slow devices and poor Internet connection with consistently high sound quality. Explore its features: • Chromecast-enabled • equalizer • alarm clock • lyrics for songs • sleep timer • widget • shuffle (random playback) of radio stations • song history • favorite radio More than 430 music and literary radio channels: - Electronic:
Ambient, Breakbeat, Chill Out, Deep House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, EDM, Future Garage, IDM, Lounge, Minimal, Retrowave, Techno, Trance, Trap, Trip-Hop and other - Metal, Hardcore:
Black / Dark / Death / Doom/ Gothic / Heavy / Industrial / Math / Melodic / Nu / Power / Speed / Symphonic / Thrash METAL and subgenres - Rock:
Art / Christian / Glam / Hard / Indie / Instrumental / Noise / Post / Progressive / Psychedelic ROCK, Britpop, Grunge, Punk, Rock & Roll, Rock Ballads, Twist and other - Jazz:
Acid Jazz, Bebop / Bop, Bossa Nova, Dixieland, Jazz Fusion, Swing, ECM Records and other - Pop:
Dance Pop, Disco, J-Pop, K-Pop, Arabic / Chinese / French / Italo / Latin / Russian / USSR / Turkish POP-Music and other - Classical:
Clavecin, Harp, Opera, Organ, Sonatas, Strings, Symphony, Violin and other - Ethnic, Folk, Spiritual:
African / Balkan / Celtic / Indian / Greek / Orthodox music, Fado, Flamenco, Mantras, Salsa, Tango and other - Rap, Hip-Hop
and subgenres - Blues, Funk, Soul, R'n'B
and subgenres - Reggae, Ska
and subgenres - Country
and subgenres - And: 80's / 90's Collection, Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Anime OST, Chanson, Computer / Video Games Music, Flute, Instrumental, Meditation Music, Piano, Saxophone, Sound of Nature and many others...

March 5, 2020
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