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RAM Truth
- A simple app for displaying the following breakdown of your device's RAM (random access memory) layout: RAM Size
(on the title bar) -- Reserved:
A reserved/hidden area that includes the below-kernel fixed allocations like DMA buffers, RAM for the baseband radios, CPU(s), GPU, etc. Due to the diverse nature of small-RAM devices, we can only claim better than 99% accuracy here and in the total. All listed values following this, from User through Idle, are 100% accurate. -- User:
The visible (non-hidden) portion of physical RAM available for use by the system. ------ Active:
The amount of physical RAM currently in use by the system. ------ Available:
The amount of physical RAM left unused or used as cache memory. ---------- Hibernating:
The amount of physical RAM used as cache memory and using no CPU or power resources. Other apps may be hibernating and written to storage rather than remaining in RAM. ---------- Idle:
The amount of physical RAM left unused by the system.​ Version 1.1 adds a Settings/Preferences menu to allow you to select different output text sizes. Note: the app's output will also be captured to the clipboard for your convenience. Developed by AndroidForums.com's EarlyMon and scary alien. Thanks to www.fontsquirrel.com for the Droid Sans Mono font used in this app. Permissions used/needed by app: none ;) :).

June 11, 2016
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