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The ultimate checklist app. Start the app, click on the play button next your custom checklist, and you can hear a voice read the checklist items to you. Once you have checked an item, you respond by saying "checked". Wheher you want to prepare your vehicle for a trip, set up your drone for take-off, or just complete a to-do list, Ready2Go will read to you every item on your checklist, wait for your confirmation, and notify you of checklist completion. WORKS OFFLINE. You don't have to be connected to the internet for Ready2Go to work. EASY CHECKLIST SETUP. To create new items you can either type or simply speak the items into your phone. REVIEWS: Please review the app if you try it. Ready2Go is the first fully interactive checklist reader that acts as a classic pre-flight checklist partner for any custom checklist. Remember to speak loud and clear for the app to understand your voice commands. DISCLAIMER. Make sure that the checklists you enter are complete and ensure full operational safety of machinery once successfully completed. Ensure that you understand the uttered checklist items and that the app has interpreted your voice commands correctly. Double check that the app went through all items correctly. Please use Ready2Go responsibly. Don't forget to leave a review.

April 16, 2020
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