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Realtor.com has more homes, condos, townhomes and apartments for sale in the US than any other home buying app. Find homes for sale, apartments and more that are just right for you with listings updated in real time on our award-winning app! Get notified when houses go on sale, keep up with new construction and watch for upcoming foreclosures to stay ahead of the real estate game. ` Whether home buying is new to you, you’re finding room for your growing family, or you want to check value estimates on properties, the Realtor.com app provides an easy-to-use home search experience tailored to your needs. The Real Estate app from Realtor.com lets you find homes, apartments, condos, real estate & open house listings from the MLS. Search homes, townhomes and more by school or district, draw a search area on the map or use custom filters like days on market, square footage & more. Find homes for sale, new construction on homes, and foreclosed homes nearby or nationwide. Check mortgage rates and monthly costs with ease. The mortgage calculator lets you know how much you’ll pay, so you find a home within your budget. Credit score, income, and monthly expenses play a big factor in your mortgage rate. Filter homes by price to see what you can afford. Search homes for rent or sale, neighborhoods, prices & schools to find your dream home. See home prices instantly with our augmented reality feature, image recognition tool and 3D home tours! Realtor.com Homes for Sale Features: MLS Real Estate App • Browse real estate listings with big, beautiful home photos • MLS real estate listings include details like price, sales history, property tax, school information & more • Real Estate search filters include days on market, hardwood floors, swimming pool & more • Calculate commute time to work and account for traffic • Search for homes by drawing a search area directly on the map • Hide home listings you know you aren’t interested in House Buying Updates & Notifications • Real estate notification alerts on price reductions & new listings • House listings updated in real time! 90% of real estate listings updated every 15 minutes • See MLS real estate listings, price-reduced homes for sale & foreclosures as they’re updated • Real estate agents can contact you via phone, email & text Property Finder • Search properties and homes for sale • Property value and tax history of each home • Home value estimates for off-market properties Augmented Reality Listing Info – Street Peek • Home prices & neighborhood details in augmented reality! • View houses for sale by holding the Street Peek camera up to see the price, square footage & more! Mortgage Calculator • Calculate mortgage, property tax & insurance with the Monthly Cost Calculator • Check mortgage rates for your property • A credit score doesn’t have to stop you from finding a home – filter by price For Sale Sign Image Recognition – Sign Snap • See home listing details & photos instantly when you snap a photo of a for sale sign • Home property listing details include price, square footage & more 3D Home Tours • 3D home tours (where offered by listing agent) - More 3D home tours added often! • Filter real estate listings with immersive 3D home tours House Buying – Your Best Decision-Making Resource • Search homes by school name or district • Crime map – view crime levels in neighborhoods • Find homes for sale using the "Hide Pending/Contingent" filter Open House & More • Open house times & directions • Realtor.com streams to TV with Chromecast • Save home searches & listings to access on phone or computer ️Find real estate, property & land for sale, open houses and more from a massive array of MLS listings on Realtor.com®. Download today and start your home search!️ Realtor.com® provides homes for sale and rental listings in the U.S. only.

March 14, 2020
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