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ROBOTS! COOP! Get ready for waves of ROBOTS! Load up your friends and weapons and fight for the top place on the leaderboards! Bright graphics, responsive controls and a true FPS feeling combined with 4 player coop makes for a experience like no other! Why ROBOTS COOP? 4 Player coop! - Play and interact with up to 4 players (or play by yourself). Create private and public servers, or simply join an ongoing game via quick play or the server browser. Play with people on all common devices, ROBOTS COOP is cross-platform! Fun & satisfying gunplay! - Unlock and choose from 11 guns and 2 melee weapons, all with different stats. Customize your guns with sights and camouflages to make it yours! Find strategies! - Explore and learn 2 large maps with different strategies and techniques. Find perks, upgrades and strategic areas to get ahead of the ROBOTS! Competitive! - Unlock achievements and fight for the top place on the leaderboards! Customize your experience! - ROBOTS COOP take customization to a new level. With settings for graphics, the button layout, controls and more you can customize the game to suit your playstyle and device! With descriptions for each setting customization is easy. Download now and begin the carnage!

October 25, 2016
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