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Carry your own simple, user-friendly and precise ruler everywhere with your phone! Use this free ruler app to measure the length and breadth of small objects with your android phone. You need not carry a real scale with you always; now your phone can be used as a real scale itself. Simple to use
1. Place the object on the screen of your device. 2. Adjust the object to the left of the screen as the origin. 3. Touch the screen to adjust the length line and read the length. 4. Touch the screen to adjust the breadth line and read the breadth. Multiple features
1. Lightweight measurement app -
Easy to use, light weight. No heavy resources required for the ruler app to function. It will least bother your RAM. 2. Multiple units -
Not just a single unit, use this digital ruler for measuring dimensions in multiple units. Let it be millimeter, centimeter or inches, it works effectively to show the precise mensuration. 3. Measure in fraction or decimal -
You can switch the ruler to measure the dimensions in fraction or decimal formats. 4. Multiple touches -
Works perfectly to adjust both the scales when touched simultaneously. 5. Inch sub-division -
To get a more precise measurement, you can select the sub-divisions from 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, or 1/8 inch. 6. Browse the history -
Browse the history to see all the previous measurements done using the ruler app. 7. Material design -
To make it simple and easy to use, we have used the material design which is combined with two themes; Dark Theme and Light theme. 8. Dark theme -
The dark theme helps the user to work at the night without stressing the eyes. It works more beautifully on phones with AMOLED screens. Contact us
If you are having any issue using this app or need any assistance, you can contact us using the undersigned details. Please do not forget to support our work by leaving us a review. support@velsof.com Copyright © 2016 Velocity Software Solutions PVT LTD. All rights reserved.

December 27, 2016
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