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FeetPort empowers any organisation to automate the working of their field force. From marking attendance to geo-location tracking, Employee location tracking, Field Force Task Management and beyond, FeetPort has got it all built-in. Deeply integrated with Google Maps, Amazon OCR, Microsoft Face Detection! The admin console enables you to create customised activity forms which can capture information directly on a mobile device (iPhone app also available). → Sales Force Reporting / Automation
▸ Get DSR (Daily Sales Reports / Daily Visit Reports) ▸ Upload Customers & Product list to collect Orders directly in the app ▸ Perfect for Product Sales, Automobile Sales, Pharmaceutical MRs and every Sales team ▸ Receive reports automatically on your phone or computer → Field Visits / Data Collection
▸ Market Research, Data Collection, Outdoor Ad Reporting ▸ Design custom reporting formats to suit your needs → Public Surveys
▸ Design Surveys in seconds and deploy in minutes ▸ Collect answers from public over the mobile app ▸ Download the survey reports automatically → Physical Audits
▸ Carry out audits for distributors, retailers, vendors ▸ Design audit questions with scoring criteria ▸ Generate all reports automatically → Verification & Inspection
▸ Digitise the KYC format for customers ▸ Use OCR & Machine Learning to reduce data inaccuracy ▸ Auto allocate work to your team with pincode mapping ▸ Create & download automated reports in seconds! READ MORE▸ ⇢ Integrates seamlessly with your CRM/ERP using ready-to-use APIs ⇢ Works with Payment Collection Systems (Razorpay & mSwipe) ⇢ FeetPort works online & offline Visit our website → http://www.feetport.com ⎋ to read through the complete plethora of features available in the FeetPort suite of apps.

March 3, 2020
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