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Secure Notes is a notepad application that stores your notes and to do list with secure password protection manner using AES encryption and provides quick & easy access using a simple password. Safe Notes stores all your data on the sd card instead of taking up valuable internal memory. This is quick and simple note pad, you can save memo, email, message, shopping list, Account passwords and Any Secret notes. Secure Notes provides a simple interface and taking a note very easier with good usability. Please Note: ** Always update the latest version to avoid unexpected data lose. ** Don't delete the folder ".innorriorsnotes". your all notes stored in that folder, if you delete you will loose your notes which will never recover. If you are using any cleaner apps like clean master or cclean or anything, be aware of that, because those apps shows that folder ".innorriorsnotes" as a junk files, but the truth is, they are encrypted notes not junk files. ** Use InnoBox cloud storage to save your data in our secure server, so that you will never lose your data and you can sync your data with any android device. Features Include: - very minimal UI and easy usability - Notes and todo list - Password Protect Program - Pattern lock - Encrypt / Decrypt Note - Cloud sync - Sorting notes (a-z, date) - All notes stored in memory card not phone memory - If you want you can Share with your friends - Optimised for HD tablets PASSWORD RECOVERY: -------------------- In case if you forget your passwords we will send you to your registered e-mail id. GET_ACCOUNTS permission is get user e-mail id for sending password. *FAQ* Q : Where is backed up notes data at sd card? A : /.innorriorsnotes on sdcard Q: I forgot my password, how can I change it? A: Notes screen -> Settings -> change Password -> type new password If you have any comments or feature suggestions, please let us know at admin@innorriors.com. We are always working to improve our applications and welcome your suggestions on how to make our applications better. - Love us? Like us! : http://facebook.com/innorriors - Twitter addict? Follow us : http://twitter.com/innorriors - Stay updated : http://www.innorriors.com

March 22, 2020
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