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Sleep Analyzer – Smart alarm as well as monitor your sleeping movements. Never lose your sleep movements records. Track your movements during the night time and wake up better each morning during light sleep. How many hours did you deep sleep at last nights? Obviously this matters, Sleep Analyzer is perfect application and will compute your full sleep tracking records. One of the best sleep movement tracking android application, Sleep Analyzer turns your android phone to an intelligent, sleep tracking device. Sleep Analyzer is not the only sleep application that includes: motion and sound graphs, sleep log, statistics trend graphs, sleep movement history. Since you move differently in bed at sleep time, it will track which state you are in and record your movement data. How Sleep Analyzer Works: To use Sleep Analyzer, just turn on the application on your android phone when you go to bed and set alarm timer. Throughout the night time, Sleep Analyzer will record your sleep movements as you sleep position and analyze your movements. Next morning, you’ll see a sleep movement chart that shows you how much time you spent in deep sleep, little sleep, and almost awake sleep. Advanced Features: Alarm rings even in silent mode. Light saving facility available. Advanced, reliable and eyes healthy graphics resolution. Providing last Weekly alarm report and full history in graphs. No glasses required for read tracking data. You can set your sleep timer to increment or decrements the time range. Advanced statistics and charts that help to understand your sleep cycle. Share sleep tracking record on social media also. Track your sleep duration, sleep level efficiency with the one tap of a button. Enjoy Free Sleep Analyzer and share your Feedback and suggestion with us, we need more supports! View more about Sleep Analyzer updates at https://www.facebook.com/SleepAnalyzer Have any queries and suggestion regarding this android application then kindly contact to biz@a1brains.net Your suggestions and opinions are valuable for us. Thanks...

September 17, 2014
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