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Smart App Manager (SAM) is makes it easy to manage apps installed on Android devices. App uses measurement reports, system information, and provides value added services for free. SAM app is for advanced users. App Advisor service started(Home screen widget). ● App management ○ App search, sorting feature (name, install date, app size) ○ Multi-select apps delete, backup support ○ A list of installed apps (preloading, userinstalled apps sensitive) app updates App evaluate app Leave a comment app details the data, Clear cache ○ The file size display ○ Use memory display ○ App Install dating ● App Advisor App frequently used information provided, separated by time and day of the week. Notification area provides a quick shortcut to the app. App Advisor service started(Home screen widget). The use of the number of times each app, available time, data, cache size, and more. ● App to SDcard It provide the ability to easily move to the phone or SD card. ● Unused App It provide Unused app information based on your App usage reports. ● Favorite App Registered in your own list of favorite apps. It provide home screen widget service. ● Except Traking App a List of excluded from App Usage report. Also you can add or remove that list. ● Backup & Reinstall ○ Multiselect delete, and restore (reinstall) Support ○ SD card provides backup and restore functions, features ○ External APK file installation support (Android package install file) Usb down the path through the apk file transfer and select [App Backup | Reinstalling] menu to install apk files are supported. (path: / {SDCARD PATH} / SmartUninstaller) ○ Provides a backup file size ○ Backup date information ● Process Monitoring You can check proceses of android system. Also it supports end task and direct run the app. ● System Info ○ Battery Information (Temperature: Celsius / Fahrenheit, Level, Health, State) ○ Memory (RAM) info (Total, Used, Free) ○ System storage (Total, Used, Free) ○ Internal storage space (Total, Used, Free) ○ External storage space - SD CARD (Total, Used, Free) ○ System cache information (Total, Used, Free) ○ CPU Status ○ System / platform information ● App Settings It provide setting of Smart App Manager (SAM) ● Home screen widget ○ Widget Update Time Adjustable ○ Tasks, Apps, Ram, Storage Info (3×1) ○ Favorite Application Link (2×2) ○ Battery Widget (1×1) ○ Dashboard Widget (4×1) ○ App Advisor Widget (3×4) ● App recommendation system notification area SAM recommend apps in the notification area, based on your experience with the app. If you have any bugs or issues or ideas, please let us know. I will apply to the review and valuable comments. Thank you.

April 16, 2019
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