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* Kitkat alert Android OS version kitkat (ver 4.4) since occurred. For external SdCard such as copying and deleting. Trying to solve it, but seems to take a long time. Temporarily, File Explorer menu at the top [External Sd Card] button to set the connection. Accessible path to the subdirectory of SdCard. For this area, the file copy, delete, etc. are supported. (This statement is made ​​kitkat OS users only.) Smart File Manager application is the File Explorer for Android. Multi-select feature has been improved. ● Explorer (File Manager) ○ Introducing the top menu ▷ HOME Go to the top of the Root Path of smart devices. ▷SDCARD Go to the top path of external storage space on the SD card. ▷ Up Move to the top of the folder. ▷ BACK Move to the previous folder. (The same equipment and features of the Back button) ▷ GALLERY Go to the location, cameras and video files are saved . ▷ DOWNLOAD Go to the location, downloaded files are stored on the Internet ▷ REFRESH Refresh the page. ▷ RESET SEARCH Search mode when the button is activated. Button is pressed, the search is initiated. ○ Introducing the top multi menu ▷ Copy ▷ Move ▷ Delete ▷ Compress ▷ Select all ▷ Unselect all ▷ Paste ▷ Exit multi menu ○ Introducing the bottom menu ▷ ADD FOLDER Create a new folder in the path. ▷ SEARCH search queries entered in the appropriate folder, and proceed. ▷ Quick Links ▷ SYSTEM INFORMATION Move to the System Information page. ▷ SETTINGS introduction, app settings, go to System Settings page. ▷ Run Camera ▷ Run Gallery ▷ Run Music player ▷ Smart Task Manager Run Android Task Manager or Go to market. ▷Smart App Manager Run Android App Manager or Go to market. ▷ Smart Notepad Run NOTEPAD or Go to market. ● Real-time Process ○ Real-time memory, CPU information ○ Task execution capabilities ○ End Task function ● System Information (System info) ○ Battery information (battery temperature - Celsius, Fahrenheit) battery life history information battery usage information ○ Ram Information (Total, Used, Available) ○ Internal storage space information (Total, Used, Available) ○ External storage space information - SD Card (Total, Used, Available) ○ CPU status information ○ System / platform information ● Settings ○ Smart File Manager Overview Smart File Manager provides introductions and a brief guide ○ Smart File Manager Settings set the status bar set the background theme Option Services shortcut links ○ Frequently used part of the instrument settings volume control the screen brightness wireless network set my location (network, GPS) Bluetooth Settings language set the date and time ● Home screen widget ○ Widget Update Time Adjustable ○ Widget Theme(Yellow, Red, Black) ○ Internal Storage / External Storage Info(2×1) ○ Battery status(1×1) ● Plug-in Text Viewer Image Viewer Html Viewer

April 14, 2019
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