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The ultimate SMS and text message app that is conversational and simple, with a clean texting interface for SMS messages - the way apps used to be. Powerful and advanced features let the app identify the numbers of message senders and callers, even if they are not in your phone book, so you always know who is calling or writing to you. SMS from Android 4.4 is built to give you a smoother, better, faster, and cleaner Android communication experience. Send text messages, pictures, recordings and much more. The app delivers text messages directly via the mobile network, so no Internet or Wi-Fi connection is needed*. With this smart message app, you will never have to do more than click a button to identify an unknown number from an SMS or phone call. The Caller ID screen after each call displays information on who is calling, even if they are not in your phonebook. This way, you can avoid spam calls and easily save new contacts to your phonebook with just one click. SMS app features: ✅ Totally free to download ✅ Unlimited: Works across virtually all Android devices ✅ Offline messages: No Internet or Wi-Fi connection needed to send SMS messages* ✅ Multi-format messaging: Send SMS, pictures and videos instantly ✅ Voice messages: Record your voice and send it as an attachment ✅ SMS messages: One click to text a contact after each call. No need to input number again ✅ Number Search: Search for unknown numbers from texts, directly from the inbox ✅ Caller ID: Identify numbers in real-time – even those not in your contact list *Your service provider may charge you for sending offline SMS messages depending on your contract with them. Please check with you service provider regarding any charges you may receive.

March 25, 2020
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