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SMS Plus has many different methods to protect your secret message to avoid snoopers, and it can change message font, message background as you want. Too many Highly customized solutions for you. ===== Key Features ==== ✔ Auto copy verification code easily when message with verification code ✔ Two different passwords to avoid snoopers, mislead password show ‘no message’ ✔ Hide private box icon, snoopers can not find the enter icon ✔ Rename ‘private box’ to anything you want, to mislead snoopers ✔ Block messages who you do not want get ✔ Many different message fonts have been provided  ✔ Beautiful message background ✔ Send message gifs to others, and you can find any gif by search in the app ✔ Different color theme for the app, choose your message theme now ✔ Customize different message notification styles, such as popup window, vibrate, ringtone etc ✔ Message popup window for quick view & quick reply SMS Plus is an easy & fast & secure app, you can use it to protect your messages. If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us: creative.studio1025@gmail.com

May 28, 2019
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