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WARNING: If you are looking for a serious sniper game, then run and hide and never come back! ...are you still here?! We would unlock an achievement for you but there is no such functionality implemented in Google Play! Get that achievement in the game! Features: • amazing Zero graphics - better than 8K in 120 FPS! • eye-catching icon - pride of your app list! • ultra-casual gameplay - so even your pet can be a sniper! • pro mode - so you can beat your pet at least there! • achievements - 'cause you deserve some recognition for playing the game! • global leaderboards - including a leaderboard for how many times you've checked leaderboards! • funny texts on 'loading' screens - but there is really no loading required! • references to other games, moves, etc. - we make fun even from the game itself! • no in-app purchases - just ads, 'cause who doesn't love them, right? 'Cause we don't take everything seriously. Once again :p

August 11, 2015
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