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The Gas Price/Store Locator gives you a hand in finding the closest convenient Speedway with up-to-date gas prices. Speedy Rewards members can keep track of points, view your clubs’’ status to know when your next free item is coming your way, and keep up on the latest bonus point offers, redemption items, and sweepstakes prizes. Introducing ‘Monthly Perks’ – Speedy Rewards with a monthly Bonus! Select your rewards from the monthly offers and confirm to lock it in for the month. Features you'll enjoy: ● Dedicated Wallet section keeps all your Digital Cards and Coupons in one place. ● Redeem your Digital Coupons and pay with your Digital Speedy Cash Gift Cards without having to scan your Speedy Rewards card first. ● Handy Shake-To-Show card option instantly brings up your Speedy Rewards Card ● In-app messages for Rewards and Updates. ● Exclusive to the Android version is a virtual card widget used to display your Speedy Rewards Card for convenience on the go. A separate widget may also be added to display your favorite Speedway stores along with the current fuel prices. ● Wear OS support - access your Speedy Rewards card and Speedy Cash gift cards quicker than ever. For more information follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SpeedwayStores

December 19, 2019
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