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Does your dog go crazy for squeaky toys? If so, this app is the perfect new toy for your canine friend! But don't let your pup chew on your phone... simply play these realistic squeaky toy sounds and watch as your dog's ears perk up and excitement takes over! Squeaky toys might sometimes sound harsh and annoying to human ears, but dogs go wild for these strange high-pitched sounds! Tease your dog and make him go crazy by playing these sounds! He'll be so excited and wonder where in the world those noises are coming from. You'll be your dog's new best friend! Does your dog bark or whine incessantly at home? Use these sounds to distract the puppy and quiet them down! Or are you exhausted at the end of a long day? Use the sounds to play with your pup as you relax on the couch! These squeakers will never break and you are in total control of the sounds! Check out various squeaky toy sounds today!

June 6, 2019
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