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Sys-I provides detailed information about your Android system & hardware. Data is separated into categories on cards for easy reading using Android's new Material Design. Current categories include: - Operating System - Google Services - Processor - Memory - Storage - Display - Device - Java VM - Sensors - Battery - Network - GPU/OpenGL ** Physical screen size may report incorrectly on some devices. This is due to the phone having incorrect pixel density values specified by the manufacturer (Samsung). ** ** GPU clock detection is now available for select Adreno and Mali GPUs only! ** Includes device CID value in Device tab, Properties section. This value can be useful in determining if a Google Pixel phone is the Google or Verizon variant. Easier than connecting to a PC to check the 'ro.boot.cid' value via ADB. Please feel free to contact me to report any issues or feature suggestions! Thank you for trying Sys-I, I hope that it is useful to you.

March 12, 2020
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