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A simple open-source tool for quickly taking and sharing system logs. Root is required to grab all logs, but you can manually grant access to the main log (Logcat) through ADB: adb shell pm grant com.tortel.syslog android.permission.READ_LOGS More details about this can be found on the application's website. Log types supported: * Kernel logs (dmsg) * Last kernel log (last_kmsg, if device supports it) * Pstore logs * Main log (Logcat) * Modem log * Event logs * SELinux audit logs After taking logs, it compresses them into a single zip, and allows you to share or upload them right away - great for helping debug system issues. New in v2.0.0: Support for viewing the current system logs in near-real time. You can also include notes within the zip, and append up to 10 characters to the file name. All the source is available at https://github.com/Tortel/SysLog Licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2. Uses libsuperuser by Jorrit 'Chainfire' Jongma, available at https://github.com/Chainfire/libsuperuser, AndroidX, the Material Design library, and Android-Terminal-Emulator by Jack Palevich. The log scrubbing utility came from the CyanogenMod bug report tool

February 18, 2020
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