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THE ULTIMATE TEEN PATTI/ 3 PATTI SENSATION, A 3 CARD GAME ALSO KNOWN AS INDIAN POKER ,INDIAN HOLDEM POKER,FLASH OR FLUSH ,THREE CARD BRAG,LARGEST MULTIPLAYER ONLINE CARD GAME IN THE WORLD. MILLIONS PLAYING EVERYDAY Download World's #1 LARGEST MULTIPLAYER Card Game Octro Teen patti & Get upto Ten Lakh Free CHIPS! Get Highest Daily Bonuses Play multiple TeenPatti variations. Muflis, Revolving Joker, Lowest Joker, Joker, AK47, 999, 4X Boot, Banco, Hukam, In-Out and enjoy Cricket Play multiple Game modes. Chatai, Pro Mode ,6 patti, Public tables, Private Tables ,Variations and many more. Face the top players in the new PRO Mode
: Save your winnings in the Gullak and use they when running low on chips ♠ Download Bonus
: Get upto 3 Lakh FREE CHIPS on downloading Teen Patti ♠ Daily Bonus
: Free chips everyday with DAILY BONUS ♠ Leaderboards and Achievements
: Unlock new levels and achievements. Be on top of leaderboard. ♠ Connect with friends
: Invite, chat and play with your friends from Facebook and other players ♠ Dual Currency
: Chips and Diamonds. Convert Diamonds to Chips anytime and never run out of chips. ♠ Themes
: Various themes to match your mood ♠ Multiple Languages
: You can play in English, Hindi, Marathi or Gujarati ♠ Avatars
: Choose from a wide variety of avatars or import your own picture from Facebook MULTIPLE GAME MODES
321 Tournament
: Presenting new tournament mode. Place the best possible cards in set of three cards, 2 cards and 1 card respectively. The tournament is played between 5 players and 5 rounds are played. The win amount is 5 times the stake. ♣ PUBLIC TABLE
: Play Classic TeenPatti mode. Millions of REAL PLAYERS from around the world. ♣ VARIATIONS
: Try multiple variations. Revolving Joker, Lowest Joker, Joker, AK47, 999, Muflis, 4X Boot, Banco, In-Out and many more variations to come. ♣ 6 PATTI
: Skill card game of the year. It is a game of strategy. 6 Patti is a tournament mode played between 5 players and 15 hands are played. The win amount is 5 times the stake. ♣ TEENPATTI BATTLE
: Select three best suited cards to spawn mystical characters from the Palace and experience card war like never before. Characters' fighting strength will be based on 3 Patti ranking of hands. ♣ PRIVATE TABLE
: Play the game with your friends. Create your own private table and invite your friends to play on your private table. ♣ TOURNAMENT
: Play Sit 'n' Go or take part in high stakes tournament. Also try other exciting games by Octro - TeenPatti Live, Indian Rummy, Tambola: Indian Bingo, Yuddhbhoomi: The epic war land, Card Royale: Battle for the Palace. Octro just simulates the game with virtual currency, and is not involved in any gambling. How to Play: http://www.octroteenpatti.com/learn-teen-patti/index.html#tab1 Learn to break Gullak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nirMHn3k0lc Earn more chips at Octro Tenpatti: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQDZahD_1pg Connect With us on Social Platform : Official site: https://teenpatti.octro.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/octroteenpatti/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/octroteenpatti Contact Us Kindly share your feedback and tell us how we can improve. In case of any issues with the gameplay or app usage write to teenpatti.support@octro.com

March 12, 2020
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