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The Quiz: Trivia Adventure
offers a NEW quiz experience in 2019! In one of the most unique quiz trivia games
you start without help, but the more you play, the more jokers and upgrades can be unlocked. Do you know it all? Test your skill and learn new facts from all around the world in various categories! Earn experience and unlock new levels for free, evolve from a monkey, to the most advanced lifeform of all! All general knowledge quiz questions are in English. 3 TYPES OF QUESTIONS:
The Quiz has a minimalistic design. This general knowledge quiz offers a single player and local multiplayer & three different types of questions: ✅ Image questions: Guess the correct answer and test your general knowledge with Image & Picture questions. ✅ Guess questions: Try to get as close to the correct answer and learn interesting facts regarding history, geography, science, religion &much more! ✅ Trivia questions: Answer as many general knowledge quiz trivia questions as possible and play round after round to improve your general knowledge. Learn facts about movies, games, TV series, music or literature. ENJOY A SINGLE PLAY OR MULTIPLAYER QUIZ
Play alone or with up to 4 people
 on a single device or compete with other players with leaderboards and achievements. The perfect quiz to play in singleplayer or against your friends and family. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you will learn something new, for free! 4 different Singleplayer-Modes:
  ✅ Waves: Try to reach the highest wave of questions ✅ Timemode: Try to beat the clock and accumulate as many seconds as possible ✅ Hardcore: No jokers, no help. A single wrong answer ends the game ✅ Mastermind: Try questions and improve your general knowledge 3 local Multiplayer-Modes:
  ✅ Head-to-Head: Two players quiz in a duel. Who can guess better? ✅ Pass and Play: Play with up to 4 players on one device and answer questions after one another, to determine who deserves to be the Trivia Quizmaster. Pass the device on to the next player and duel each other with your knowledge. ✅ Party Play: Play with up to 4 players simultaneously and compete against each other or play in teams. Players can choose the categories they prefer or test their general knowledge in all topics with great questions.  Various Jokers and Upgrades!
  Everyone knows the 50/50 Joker. The Quiz allows you to unlock more Jokers which will help you to answer questions, have a second try, add time to your countdown or switch the question. In addition, upgrades will help to earn more money and experience or allow you to revive after giving a wrong answer. Become rich and buy whatever helps you to become smarter! This way answering guesstimate and picture questions might be a lot easier! No other free general knowledge quiz offers such a variety in 2019! Numerous questions from various categories!
  This quiz game offers more than 2000 handpicked questions in English out of 4 different levels of difficulty! The categories are: ✅ Religion & History ✅ Science & Technology ✅ Politics & Society ✅ Nature & Geography ✅ Literature & Language ✅ Sports ✅ Human & Animals ✅ Popculture (including Movies, TV Series, Music and Games) Pro Version:
  The free quiz is not enough? You want to try a new singleplayer experience? Unlock the Pro Mode and get all jokers unlocked immediately. The Quiz: Trivia Pro enables you to choose a particular category you prefer. More Features:
  ✅ Google Play Service: Collect achievements and compare your score with other players! ✅ Shop: Use your earned money to buy multiple jokers to reach a higher score each round. You can own multiple jokers of the same type! ✅  Detailed stats ✅  Save your progress ✅  minimalistic design ✅  English & German language support ✅  Voice Output ✅  Unlock everything  ✅  up to date gk question (2019) ✅  duel your friends or play alone

October 10, 2017
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