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We want to help you make smarter choices about your money every day. We do so by giving you a holistic view over your finances in one place and making it easy to stay on top - so that you are always one step ahead. What Tink does:
•  Guarantees a safe authentication with BankID •  Gathers all of your banks and credit cards in one place •  Enables you to set a budget, create saving goals and gives an overview over all of your finances •  Pay bills and make transfers between accounts •  Gives you new insights about your finances, and helps you make smarter decisions based on these Safe and sound
Tink uses the same type of security standards as the world's leading banks and is certified and protected by VeriSign. All data is encrypted with advanced encryption. Tink is the data protection officer according to the Personal Data Act, and all personal data is treated with confidentiality. See you in the app! Tink Terms and conditions: https://consumer.tink.se/terms-and-conditions And here you'll find our privacy policy: https://consumer.tink.se/integrity-policy

March 12, 2020
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