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Trickster MOD ★ The Omnitool for your Kernel ★ ROOT ========================================= ATTENTION: * FAQ at http://timos.me/tm/faq * Set on boot, settings lost, frequencies don't stick, MIUI ROM problem,... read FAQ above * We do not reply to Play Store rating as it only allow rather short message and no record for conversation, please email us for support * Help us translate the app: http://timos.me/tm/translate ========================================= This app requires: - ROOT and working busybox installation These devices are officially supported - GALAXY NEXUS (toro, maguro, toroplus) - Nexus 7 (grouper) and Nexus 7 3G (tipalia) - Nexus 7 2013 (flo) - Nexus 4 (mako) - Nexus 5 (hammerhead, preliminary support) - Sony Xperia Z (yuga) and ZL (odin) - LG Optimus G - Galaxy SIII with Exynos SOC - HTC Incredible S (vivo: preliminary support) - Nexus 10 (preliminary support) - HTC One X International (endeavoru; preliminary support) - HTC One M7U and M7UL - Galaxy SIII with Qualcomm SOC (preliminary support) Coming to more devices in the future. ========================================= Trickster MOD app is a tweaking tool to change various settings included in your kernel and other mods to your phone. ========================================= * Trickster MOD has abilities to do the following * - ADB over WLAN - Set I/O scheduler, read ahead buffer, CPU scaling governor, min and max CPU speed - CPU Statistics - Set Device hostname - Apply Grace Period (was Bootloop Preventer) - Frequency Lock * Donate key will get you following features * - I/O scheduler advanced control - Color profile for device with color settings - CPU Frequency profile - Voltage profile for some settings - Sound control for faux's patches - Advanced gamma control for N4 with faux's patch - Touch Filter Control for N4 with supported kernels - Bootloader lock/unlock without fastboot and data wipe for some devices - Kernel backup/restore on some supported devices - Launcher shortcuts to some app operations * Following features depend on kernel support * - Color for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4, contrast and gamma tweaks for Galaxy Nexus - Generic hotplug - CPU Temp limit - Minimal SmartReflex voltage of Core, IVA, and MPU domains - Nominal SmartReflex voltage for Core, IVA, and MPU domains - Regulator voltages - GLaDOS live OC of Core, GPU and MPU - WIFI mode for screen off (power saving or full speed) - Vibrator strength - Headset volume boost - High performance sound - Force fast charge - Battery live extender - Touch wake and touch wake duration - fsync control - Sweep 2 wake - ZRAM - And more... ========================================= *DISCLAIMER* This is provided with NO GUARANTY whatsoever. Use your common sense.

November 26, 2015
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