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--- This App requires the Xposed Framework (root needed)! ---
This Xposed module will restore the good old silent mode from Kitkat in Lollipop. Features
: ✔️ Brings back the silent mode we came to love in previous Android versions (no sound, no vibration) ✔️ Comes with an optional statusbar icon when the device is in silent mode (Pro) ✔️ Comes with a Freeload option in case you can't afford the in-app-purchase ✔️ Has an "Allow Alarms" option to keep alarms enabled in the "None" interruption mode as Lollipop silences them by default ✔️ Keeps LED notifications intact ✔️ Re-enables (most) apps and widgets to set up the silent mode, e.g. Power Toggles or my STFU Silent Mode widget ✔️ Tasker support The missing silent mode has been one of the most discussed issues after the release of Android 5.0. There are various workarounds but this app is the only real
fix for the issue. The most popular workaround is to disable all priority interruptions and use the Priority option to substitute the silent mode. But using this module you can: ✔️ Use the Priority mode for it's actual use: to allow certain notifications and block others ✔️ Have LED Notifications in Silent Mode in Android 5.0 (Google fixed this in Android 5.1) By installing this app and activating the module in the Xposed installer you will be able to use the Silent mode as in prevous versions of Android: By putting your device into the Vibrate mode and pressing Volume Down. In silent mode you will still receive all notifications (contrary to the new None or Priority mode), but there won't be a sound or vibration, just a silent LED or ambient display notification. The pro version of this app will allow you to display a statusbar icon when the device is in silent mode. You can't buy or afford the in app purchase? Fret not! I'm offering you a "Freeload" option in the app which enables all pro features without paying a dime! (Although I would be very happy if you decide to support the further development of this module in the future, of course). Additionally this module offers you to get rid of another Lollipop quirk once and for all: You can allow alarms. By default Lollipop blocks your alarms when your device is in the "None" mode. While Google introduced a workaround in 5.1 which wil disable the mode prior to ringing the Alarm, this option allows you to just set and forget your device to None. No more fear of missing an alarm in the morning! The module supports Android 5.0 and higher. For Android 5.1 you need to make sure to use Xposed alpha 20150514 or newer! If you have any issues or don't understand the purpose of this module please contact me first before leaving any bad review.
: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-true-silent-mode-lollipop-t3042924 INFORMATION
: No silent mode - Google AOSP bug tracker: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=79445 INSTALLATION
: - Download the app - Activate the module in the Xposed Insaller - Reboot your device - Open the app to customize it's settings GOOGLE PLUS
: https://google.com/+thetonyp

September 19, 2015
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