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Please read the description before purchasing to ensure compatibility. This app uses Accessibility services.
Have you ever typed something and then accidentally erased it? Written down something important and couldn't find it again? App crashed and lost everything you wrote? With your own Type Machine, that's no problem. Type Machine
saves everything you type in every app. Open it at any time to find old entries. Filter them by app. Drag the history slider to see what you typed letter by letter. Tap to copy. Never lose a piece of text again! Go back in time. Download your very own Type Machine today. ✔ Completely automatic and seamless.
Logs everything from every native Android app. Complete typing history. ✔ Stays out of the way until you need it.
Simple to use when you do. Brings global undo to Android. ✔ Safe and private.
No unnecessary permissions. Allows you to set a PIN lock on the history list. Automatic deletion of old entries. ✔ Configurable blacklist for apps.
Type Machine won't collect what you don't want it to. ✔ Tablet-friendly user interface.
After installation, start Type Machine. Collection must be enabled from the device settings: instructions will be provided. Other accessibility services enabled on your device may interfere with functionality. If you need help, or have any suggestions or complaints, please e-mail us at typemachine@rojekti.fi. Your feedback is very important to us. Type Machine will function with almost every app that is built using the native Android frameworks. Password fields are not (and can not be) logged by Type Machine. For a list of known issues with specific applications, please see http://goo.gl/xGy1es. Samsung users
: due to bugs in Samsung's operating system Type Machine may be incompatible with your device. Please see http://goo.gl/PnjOlK for a list of possible issues. Please contact us for a full refund if you encounter any issues. Permissions: ✔ Run at startup for scheduled automatic deletion

March 30, 2019
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