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UniCalc - A Universal Unit converter calculator app made with Unity 3D. So here comes the part "Uni" in the app name. "Calc" part because it is basically a calculator with unit converting feature bind in. There are 9 unit category in this app, which include: * Volume * Weight * Length * Area * Temperature * Currency * Speed * Pressure * Energy I only include some most popular units in this app, otherwise the drop down menu will be too long and the coding part will be too complex. All feature except Currency can be used offline. For the Currency exchange rate, I will try to update the online database once per week depending on my personal schedule. So it's may not contain most up to date exchange rate. You can use it as a brief estimation tool. If I can manage to code an automatic updated database, I will release another version of this app as a pro version.

May 25, 2017
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