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The main advantage of this application is an advanced coil calculator. You are invited to a parallel exposing such elements as Simple, Twisted, Clapton and Staggered clapton create a coil. Thus supports a virtually unlimited number of different combinations. The constituent elements of the future will be even greater. Appendix adequately calculates various parameters of the usual coil, but more importantly it properly considers the surface area, even for complex components and, as a consequence, the surface capacity - a characteristic that is inherently more important than power. This will find the ideal coil for any voltage, as well as to understand in advance how much power / voltage will be needed for a comfortable vaping. All calculations are performed dynamically and any change in the coil configuration is reflected immediately in the calculated performance. Each element has its number of turns, thus it is possible to start and finish the "parallel" one element. For visualization coil computed in real-time application schematically depicts a coil to fit all sizes and proportions. Now you can be sure that it is considered to be what you need. Coils can be stored in memory. When you view a list of saved coils displays its thumbnail, name, and the resistance, and the recommended power. It is possible to open the calculator to see more information, or editing. For the sake of completeness in the application is implemented liquid calculator, also with the ability to maintain successful in memory.

August 4, 2016
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