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Main features of our reminder app: Tracker and diary of drink’s intake Simple and comfortable interface Caffeine rules Reminder with alarm Record your daily water intake Free drink constructor ❗The app now supports Wear OS. Do you drink enough water daily? Do you need to track and record your water intake? Do you need a reminder or alarm to keep your daily hydration? Water tracker «Water Time» will remind you to drink water in time. Friendly assistant will motivate you to drink water regularly. Proper hydration will keep body and skin healthy and help you in lose weight process. You just need to enter your current weight and our reminder app will automatically calculate the amount of water you need per day. Remember, drink water is a good habit! We’ve made this reminder for busy people. Our simple tracker will remind you to drink pure water at a time that you set yourself. Don’t worry, we will not bother you at night – the reminder sleeps with you. Besides water, you can track also other drinks – tea, coffee, juice, milk. Or create your own drink! What can daily water intake do for you? Maintain the level of hydration Improve health and metabolism Clear your skin Help you to lose weight – water is calorie free Improve your mood Drink water, unleash the power of aqua, because your health is worth it! And our reminder «Water Time» will help with this :3

March 25, 2020
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