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Get from one wikipedia article to the other by clicking hyperlinks only. Compete with your friends, explore wikipedia, have fun and learn all at once! How Wikipedia Game works? WikiGame is a wikipedia race game. You are given two wikipedia articles, and your aim is to reach from one wikipedia article to the other only by clicking the blue hyperlinks in the article. Try to do it in minimum time & number of clicks! Find, discover, and explore knowledge on Wikipedia Game. With more than 50 challenging levels, you will discover encyclopedia articles and links you never heard of with Wikipedia Game. In WikiGame you can show your friends how good you are by sending them challenges. You can also play levels, some are easy, and some are very hard with WikiGame articles you never heard of! Features in Wikipedia Game: - 50 challenging levels, and more in Wiki Game soon! - Add your friends in wiki game. - Send & receive challenges from friends that are in WikiGame. - Simple user interface. - Practice mode with wiki game articles. - Choose your own topics & articles in Wiki Game. In wikipedia the game try to find the shortest path between two articles. Reach & discover new articles. Wikipedia is awesome, but it is even better with WikiGame - a wiki race game! Play in your free time with WikiGame, wikirace with your friends. You can share your username for WikiGame via Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat & more.It's For every question or suggestion you have about WikiGame feel free to email us. Enjoy playing Wiki Game! With Wikipedia Game, a Wikipedia race game, you can spend your free time and expand your knowledge! WikiGame is a game for Wikipedia, a Wikipedia Game, The Wiki Game for android. Race with your friends with Wiki Race education game. NOTE: Wikipedia Game does not relate to or represent the Wikimedia foundation in any way‏‎.

November 10, 2017
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