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The Xfinity WiFi Hotspots app for Android is available exclusively for Xfinity Internet customers and contains WiFi security features to improve your safety and privacy while using certain Xfinity WiFi hotspots around town. The app also prioritizes your preferred networks and automatically connects you to Xfinity WiFi hotspots when in range. It makes it easy to find Xfinity WiFi hotspots with enhanced search tools and directions. This app is included with your Xfinity Internet service. Features: • Prioritize and connect to your secure, saved networks at home and work • Automatically connect to Xfinity WiFi around town, including secure hotspots where available • Intelligently turn on WiFi when in range of your saved networks or Xfinity WiFi • "Near Me" locates all nearby Xfinity WiFi hotspots • View maps and lists of hotspots, with walking and driving directions • Create and save your favorite hotspots for easy reference later • View the business name and business category of hotspot locations • Find hotspots when not connected, using offline data sets • Support for Google Street view, if Google Maps is installed Requirements: • A WiFi enabled device running Android 4.4 and up • Xfinity Internet service (Performance tier and above) • Xfinity ID Xfinity Internet customers: Look up your existing Xfinity ID (email, mobile phone, or username): xfinity.com/id Reset your Xfinity password: xfinity.com/password Comcast Business Internet customers: Don’t know your username? https://login.comcast.net/myaccount/bc/lookup Forgot your password? https://login.comcast.net/myaccount/bc/reset Xfinity WiFi Hotspots Xfinity WiFi is the largest, fastest WiFi network in the nation, so there is always a hotspot where you need it most. Xfinity WiFi is included with Xfinity Internet service (Performance tier and above) for no additional charge. Stream what you love around town. Save on your mobile data plan. Note: This app uses the Device Administrator permission Learn more about ‘Cal. Civ. Code §1798.135: Do Not Sell My Info’ options at https://www.xfinity.com/privacy/manage-preference

September 17, 2018
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