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Add money to mobile balance, travel card, and gaming accounts. Pay for Internet services and utility bills. Send transfers. Earn instant 5% cashback in the category of the month. Control spending and track analytics. ————————— ALL FEATURES OF THE APP Cashback, discount cards, 11 currencies, and budget planning. PLAY THE GAME,EARN POINTS Travel the worlds with Miron and his helper Synthy, earn crystals, and get the chance to win up to 2,000 points daily or up to 100,000,000 points as the grand prize. 1 point = 1 ruble, you can spend them in the real world. INSTANT 5% CASHBACK Earn cashback for purchases with the Yandex.Money card in online and offline stores or for payments via Google Pay. Credited instantly, in bonus points, 1 point = 1 ruble. You can spend them in most popular online stores and services. DISCOUNTS AND BONUSES Updates almost every day. A free cup of coffee today, a discount for flight tickets tomorrow. Save the ones you like and use them whenever convenient. Good bargains on purchases at Aliexpress, Ozon, M.Video, and other stores. FREE VIRTUAL CARD Ready for use in a few seconds: add the card to Google Pay for contactless payments at stores or link it to popular mobile apps (taxi, food delivery). Earn cashback in bonus points for mobile and online payments. RUBLES + 10 MORE CURRENCIES Open a currency account in dollars, euro, tenge, Belarussian rubles, and other currencies after completing the identification process. Buy and sell currency by the great rates that are almost identical to the market’s. You can separately activate the Multicurrency support package to pay in currency at stores ad withdraw it in ATMs. LOYALTY CARDS Add discount cards of your favorite stores to the app and pay for purchases. Lenta, O’key, Ikea Family, Ostin, Sportmaster, Petyorochka, Metro, and others. TRAFFIC FINES Instant online payments for fines in the app. 50% discount for fines paid within 20 days. Sign up for notifications so you don’t miss a discount. Indicate the number of Driver’s License (VU), STS, or the order, and the app will show your traffic fines if there are any in the official state base (GIS GMP). Convenient tool for checking traffic fines, viewing photos of violations, and receiving notifications of new fines. INVESTMENTS 5 minutes and you’re in: open a broker account in your smartphone, create an investment portfolio, and buy and sell stock, bonds, currency. PAYMENTS FOR MOBILE SERVICES Instant payment for mobile services without commission. You can make payments towards MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2, Yota, Sberbank mobile, Tinkoff mobile, and other telecom operators. PAYMENTS FOR INTERNET SERVICES Instant payment for home Internet services. You can make payments towards Dom.ru, Rostelecom, MGTS, Ufanet, Akado, TTK, Onlime, and other providers. SPENDING ANALYTICS The app categorizes your spending so you’ll always know where the money went. OTHER PAYMENTS: — Utilities (including by QR core), — Steam, World of Tanks, and other games, — VKontakte and Odnoklassniki balance, — Repayments on loans from any Russian banks. MONEY TRANSFERS: — between Yandex.Money wallets (no commission), — from card to card (between cards issued by Russian banks), — between cards and wallets. WALLET AND CARD MANAGEMENT In the app, you can: — view the wallet balance and add money from card (no commission), — find nearest kiosks for withdrawing money, — configure payments and autopayments, — view transaction history for cards and wallets, — change the PIN of the Yandex.Money card, inform us of a trip, cancel a card. ____________________________ License of the Bank of Russia No. 3510-K

March 18, 2020
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