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    Getting very annoyed with my EVO V battery life on the miui ics rom and just general roms, even sense roms. I've been waiting for xmas sales on the SG3 and today its $150 off on Virgin site. I'm reading on this site under the all things root for SG3, so didn't want you to think am being lazy and bugging you.

    I assume can root the Samsung S3 like my EVO V, since is android system. Is there an S-off process also?? Like my EVO to be able to install roms. According to web site it comes with 4.3 jellybean, so that solves that issue and will play with that for sometime. But just want to know, if will be able to free up the SG3 like did with my EVO. The whole root thing and no security issues, like did with the S-off process.

    Thanks for any advice and Happy Holidays.
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