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  • Hey man. Necosino said that you might be able to reply with the command that you found to fix the marketplace issues. I have found a workaround but it requires a wipe and a manual re-installation of all apps without using Titanium. I saw in a previous post about using the adb installlocation command but this did not stick after a reboot. Is this the command he was referring to? If so how did you get it to stick.

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work.
    Hey man, I just installed beta 2 evo rom and noticed something. The messaging app will not allow me to send mp3s via mms. On beta 1 however I was able to. Do you know how I would be able to fix this?
    EDIT: never mind I just installed handcent and that will do it
    So, I finally updated to your Vanilla 2.2 (non-Sense) ROM this morning and had a couple questions. 1) Beautiful Widgets keeps FC'ing on me. I thought I remembered seeing something about a BW 2.2 compatible version, but can't remember. Do you know of any issues with BW? I've cleared data, uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times to no avail. 2) Do you know if this theme (http://androidforums.com/roms-incredible/113461-theme-droid-x-notification-bar-framework-detox-xda.html) will work with your ROM? I had it on 2.1 and loooooved it. I suppose I could do a nandroid back up and try it. Anyway, good work on the ROM. I'm loving me some Froyo!
    Hey, I have a DI rooted running 2.1 but it has the updated radio because I had previously installed the leaked OTA 2.2 update, but reverted back to 2.1. I need to go back to completely stock/shipped from factory state as i've been having issues; tried following your walkthrough and I just have no idea what I'm doing. What files do I need to download, where do I put them, do I have to have the phone connected via USB or not? Where do I type all those adb commands, on the phone itself when in clockwork recovery, or in the cmd prompt in windows? If you could write back and help me out I'd really appreciate it, thanks.
    Hey adrynalyne, I just installed the Espresso Bar and now I get a force close when I try to launch pictures or videos. I have the leaked Froyo(not the one you cooked up), and I installed the espresso_Froyo.zip from recovery. Was that .zip only for your ROM or did I maybe miss a step? I'm going to leave it until I hear back from you, but if I need to remove it is it just a matter of doing the stock Froyo update again? Thanks in advance.

    Got an update, if I open the pictures or videos in landscape mode they launch fine, also once they launch I can go back to portrait mode and there's no problem. Weird.
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