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Oct 18, 2011
    1. ballaboii247
      Hey i was looking for the last custom rom for the bh2 and i am hoping you still have it cause I can't find it anyway. if you can point me into the right direction or if you still have it saved it will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance bro.
    2. cyrax.thehot
      sir i am a great fan of all your works....u r doing an excellent work...but need some help please give me a new link to download your take5 rom as the old one is no more working..please sir help me out..please sir its my sincere request..my email id cyrax.thehot@gmail.com..please post the link here or mail me..please help me out sir...
    3. meandyou
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    4. dangthuan2
      my phone can't turn on.not up new rom,black screen,not recovery mode,but downloading mode still active.
      i don't writed english.
    5. rjkota
      Hello BH_man . the first i thanks u for work make the android 2.1 in samsung T939 . But when i uplate my phone to 2.1 in link download in your box, the problem that my phone doesn't work. I can asked u? can back my phone to 1.6 ?? this is my email : tuananh.nguyen1412@gmail.com . Can U answer me soon? thanks u very much:(
    6. milee1000
    7. fifrip
      bh_man thanks to you i love my phone and i dont have to pull my battery out atleast 1 a day.running the galaxy 1.6r8
    8. vanessavalium
      So, someone apparently used your system or download on the phone that I just bought. I bought it off of some guy here in Prescott, AZ and I want to know if there is any way to get it back to original condition?

      I've downloaded a bunch of stuff on my computer and have jumped through so many hoops just to get it back to normal, and I can't figure it out. I am really disappointed, as it sometimes won't let me access my pictures, and occasionally deletes apps I download like Facebook, etc. And I can't get them to work. Sometimes, it also doesn't recognize that even the "Android Market" is on the phone...and when I click on it to look for another app to download, it will say "this application is not installed", and other times it works. I have to pull the battery 4 or 5 times before it will recognize some things.

      I am really hoping you can help me..I don't know what else to do but sell it, and I kinda like this phone, but I am just so tired of not being able to use it. :
    9. NoClue78

      Hi, im jim. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I flash a custom rom on my behold 2 from another phone and now my phone will not turn on. :(Is ther a way to hard reset and go back to prevoius version without being able to use touch screen. Please help Ive tried everything.:(
    10. mnlaxer
      Hey Eugene, I flashed the 1.6 rom from galaxy android 1.6 kernel link....for some reason, my micro sd card is being read ONLY as an internal sd card. I have tried pretty much everything, but have found no luck...there just isnt a setting to change this. i love the rom, but it seems to be the only one that makes my external sd card an internal sd card. the issue with this is that i cant save anything as most apps require an external sd source. any advice? my email is mcaple@gmail.com
      thanks for everything...and keep up the great work...even if its not with the BH2.
    11. marcelo_lopez
      Drop me a note, Eugene......If you want to help guide someone who still has their BH2 ( I've been looking at the Source myself, and the NDK since I bought one of those Augen GenTouch's )...and if you think 2.1 is doable on this puppy...I'll give it a go with you. Full Bore. my email is: marcelo.lopezjr@gmail.com
    12. mingkee
      Did you get source code for T939 from there?
      Samsung Open Source Release Center
    13. AwaisAndroid
      Hey u should release r13 with vibrate if thats possible :)
    14. the_whole_truth
      Android Forums - Misled By Samsung/T-Mobile Behold II
    15. johnrsn16
      I have downloaded BH_MAN_16_NoTwiz.zip and now need instructions on how to install it on my phone. I have a behold 2 and at this point I am ready to flush it down the toilet. I am very new to all of this and don't really understand how to root a phone or install a new os but all of the posts in the tmobile forums said you were the one to go to. so any help would be appreciated.
    16. RUU101
      Bh_man im tryin to put galaxy 1.6 on the behold 2 r8
      on my behold 2 but win i go to click start it says please connect phones!! But my phone is connected tho
    17. suyash1
      BH_MAN is it possible to port Latest ROM to the behold II like you did with the 1.6?
    18. josh375
      Hey what are you working on at the moment??
    19. SOMFW
      I'd like to notify you and the rest of the moderators that the new moderator "of the dammed" is harassing and threatning me. He is upset because I wont play along with his game of pretending he is somebody else.
    20. josh375
      hey can i have the link to your pictures of you working on Behold 2 2.1?
    21. josh375
      Sorry but I am not "technology advanced" and know a lot about computer and phone like you. All i want is to have vibrate and. I installed your R8 rom which had easy to read steps that anyone could follow. Unfortunately, it does not have vibrate but I found a stock rom you also made that DOES! Is there anyway you can explain how to install it on my phone in an easy-to-read non-technology term way. I know the basics but I REALLY want to install this rom no my phone which currently has your R8 on it. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! :D
    22. bionicgrape
      What I was getting at is whether or not it would be possible to just decompile the classes that you need to modify, then recompile and replace them instead of dealing with smali.
    23. bionicgrape
      I'm working on helping out with the smali for your hybrid build, but I figured I'd see if I could just decompile the classes that you're working with and go from there. I'm a pretty competent programmer, so let me know if there's anything I can help with (either with smali or if you know which classes you need modified). Either way, keep up the great work!
    24. josh375
      You have THE BEST rom for the Behold I have EVER seen! You are the BEST!!! WAY TO GO!!! But there' one issue adn it's not really a bug but a probably you can fix hopefully. I bet you have heard this hundreds of times but the vibrate DOES NOT WORK. Atleast fix it whenever you call or get a notification. It can be really frustrating switching from silent to sound every time i wan to receive messages/etc. My phone is either in my hand so in my pocket 98% of the time so vibration is ESSENTIAL. All other things work GREAT and I am extremely impressed with your dedication to making fellow Android users happier! Way to go man! Just please fix the vibration and THATS IT!

      Email me: joshgoldberg375@gmail.com
    25. whchuang
      Thank you for your work, for the most recent release (R8) for Samsung Behold II Android 1.6, is there still any known bugs? Thanks!
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