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  • Hi BingoRingo. I noticed that you have an Xperia x10A and are located in Canada running 2.3.3.

    I have been looking around on how to flash and root my xperia x10 w. Rogers so that I'm not bound by their exceedingly long wait times to get 2.3.3. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction? I was going to use FlashTool but I noticed that the following link: Flashtool version - xda-developers only has the x10i release for 2.3.3 and wondered if you might know where I'd go to get it for x10a since you have it on your phone. :)


    Hello BingoRingo, I have a question perhaps you could help me with. I have the Sony Ericsson Xperia (X10a) . I was playing app "words with friends", but was having FORCECLOSE issues with it. I ended up uninstalling it. I went back to the marketplace, & it is no longer showing up there. I was told it could be because of the version of my phone. I tried to go through settings on my phone & do an update.. It said it has the latest version. looking at my firmware # leads me to believe its old.. this is what info is on my screen. "MODEL # X10A" "FIRMWARE VERSION 1.6" BASEBAND VERSION 1.1.32 any advice for me? im not real good at this kinda stuff.. thanks for your time... Mouse511
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