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  • dont know if you still need this i found it looking in to apn changers mms proxy mcc 310 apn type the others i seen you have post them for everybody if it helps you
    hi. I was wondering if you could help me debrick my lg marquee ls855? Iv tried kdzu, bc2 and smartflash and i have had no success. I was messing around with rom manager and tried to flash a stock rom from an optimums v. There is no recovery other than the box with arrow and the android screen. I seen a post that suggested waiting a few minutes, but i let my device sit like that for 3 hours strait and nothing happened. When i tried smartflash, i used the v20n patched fls and bin and i got a timeout error.Thanks in advance for any help.
    Oh and by the way, I ordered that battery and charging system from Amazon. I always like an extra charged battery. Thanks. bdjaddy
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