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  • blood is there a special way to put a custom carrier name on your ct 2.3 rom ? i been doing it the standard way decompliing the framework but its not working is there something else i have to do?
    CT mod is the SHIT dude my perfect keyboard app wont well with it 4 sum reason tho I had it set up with bulk & gold colors(GO SAINTS) & in my word suggestions while typing they're still gold how I had em set just wondering if u know what could b blocking the app.& any chance of getting hidden menu with this rom.....maybe
    "dunno if I'm gonna call it simple blue or give it a new name yet" I seen this in one of

    your post. i suggest maybe a poll from the fans of your work. and i also have a

    suggestion as to another name for Simple Blue since CT mod is gingerbread now maybe

    Simply Blue just a suggestion!
    just wanted to say good work on the rom you made i like it a lot. i know you removed a lot of system apps to make it lighter and faster. i know i can install the removed apps from the zip on the thread and move them too the system folder, but would i be able to open the rom zip move the apps to the folder rezip then reflash the rom with the added apk's? again thank you for your hard work
    Or maybe that's not exactly what I need, but some more info on what classes or files it uses. Since we only scan applications (apk's) I thought framework-res.apk is a good one, but I now see that that is a default android file. Maybe you've got some info on what carrierqi traces there are in that file?
    Hi, I am one of the devs of Addons Detector, and would like to add carrier-iq detection. For that I need to have access to framework-res.apk and was wondering if you have this file available, since you wrote a removal tool.
    I want to apologize about the Rom thing. What happened was I am running your new mod on my phone for the time being, I pulled some of the files so I could theme it for my personal phone and I ended up throwing the themed framework and shit into the zip for the rom I'm working on. I pulled the link until I can get it straightened out. Sorry again about that blood, now I understand why your got so pissed.
    Thanks for your help blood. We're all getting bootloops so far. So I'm going to take it back to the drawing board.
    I know you're busy but...
    Was wondering if you were planning to update the power widgets toggle with the newest version of No CIQ?
    Does your stock power toggle mod have transparency enabled? Looking to possibly release the HC theme this weekend and would love to build off of it.
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