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  • Oh, I was told that you got power options working for another device. I found a guide to it on xda, and I think I'm following it pretty
    Hey, you don't know me, but I was told by benwalburn that you might be able to help with some power options in a rom I'm helping develop. I don't have a lot of time right now, but message me back or email me at amberoze(at) and I'll explain more. Thanks.
    Blue i would like to know if you could help me with two things..... first i would like it if you could help me out and tell me the how to's to start making my own themes, i have read shabbys post and tried to go from there but im a lil lost on the matter seein how its not all the same steps for the prevail!

    Second... i wanted to know if maybe you could make a black & neon pink theme that looks like the one u have now, just maybe change the colors? i ask this not for me but my wife... cuz she really likes your theme and i just put it on her phone today but she wanted me to ask.

    The New Guy!
    the option to make it edify should be one of uot's options, i was gunna go do a quick one to show you but seems they are updating the shit
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