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  • Hello , I was hoping for Jellybean on my Triumph. The latest I see here is your post from back in May 2013 with an initial release of your work for Jellybean on the Triumph. Was there a newer version after that? If not, maybe it's not even worth flashing Jellybean on my Triumph. I've already flashed ICS 4.0.4 (thanks to you guys) on my device and its been decent. tks in advance
    I dunno if you have aleeady found it but i searched sh8188u roms and found a stock variant from taiwan thats 2.3.5...it has the kernel source and dowload fo the rom itself...just wondered if it might be possible to do the same thing with it you did with sharp 2.2 stock...and also im going to check to see if the sharp or huawei variants have working ics or jb roms.
    Hey man, I appreciate your help on my PRL thread. I'm a little confused though, aren't the methods you mentioned the same? Even if you put CM7 in diag mode via Terminal Emulator, don't you still have to look for the port in device manager when you connect the phone to the pc? The advice is much appreciated
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