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  1. catchingup posted a new thread.

    Help Android 11 gps signal disconnect when screen turned off. Anyone else?

    Annoying issue in Android 11 with my moto phone where gps signal will disconnect after 1 minute if the screen is off. Battery...

    Forum: Android Help

    Jan 3, 2022
  2. catchingup posted a new thread.

    Help ES file explorer will not open photo on sd card unless file is renamed

    Android 9. ES file explorer has all permissions, read and write privilege on sd card. Whenever I copy a jpg file to the sd card, or...

    Forum: Android Lounge

    Sep 30, 2019
  3. catchingup posted a new thread.

    Router set to 40mhz 802.11n, but all phones limited to 65mbps

    My laptop with a dual band Intel wifi chip connects to the router at 300mbps, so I know the router is set to 40mhz mode double channel...

    Forum: Android Lounge

    Sep 20, 2019
  4. catchingup posted a new thread.

    My phone specs say front camera does 720p max. Open Camera is able to record 1080p. For real?

    This is interesting. New BLU Vivo X5 phone with android 9. The spec sheet on my phone says the 8mp front camera only records in 720p...

    Forum: Android Lounge

    Sep 17, 2019
  5. catchingup posted a new thread.

    presidential, amber alert settings grayed out. Can't change

    I have a new BLU phone with Pie, and the emergency alert settings are grayed out, can't be changed. Is this a stock android feature? Is...

    Forum: Android Lounge

    Sep 15, 2019