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  • I'm a frugal Sith Lord. It takes a lot of cash to fund a Death Star or Super Star Destroyer you know?

    I have been a customer of Verizon, Boost Mobile, and Straight Talk. Now I am on Republic Wireless.

    As for smartphones, I've had a HTC Touch (Verizon), Samsung Prevail (Boost Mobile), Samsung Proclaim (Straight Talk on Verizon), Motorola Defy XT (Republic Wireless on Sprint w/ Verizon roaming) and am now on a Motorola Moto X (Republic Wireless on Sprint w/ Verizon roaming).

    I also have a Motorola XOOM 4G (Verizon), but discontinued cell service for it when the 2 year contract came up. I now use it in WiFi only mode and play with Android 4.2.2 builds created by Cyanogenmod. Still works pretty good.
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