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  • awesome but actually i found the avatar that i saved just in case in my sd card and the phone was able to play the avatar via Video Player so that problem is fixed but i was looking for swype apk on XDA that samsung vibrant had but no luck yet but i'll keep on looking thanks for ur help!!!
    Re-install swype using an apk somewhere on XDA, or re flash your bionix rom. For avatar, you won't get the app icon back, but if you take it to T-Mobile they may agree to put the movie file back on your sd card as it only works with the Vibrant anyway. Just don't let them see your phone, as in the OS, or they might notice it's not stock, and thereby voiding all support they would provide. Just take your SD card out and ask them to re-load the movie file on there. Tell them you formatted it accidentily.
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