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    Hey YOU xD

    Where's your hat...? you can't be a Mon without your hat!
    Hope you are only taking a break and have not given up of AF. Miss reading and learning from your post.
    For some reason I can't PM you...anywho Doglymon OK? just a feeling...if you ..anything..

    Hey, I'm back again. :p

    Should I talk to you through here or back in our forum?

    I've just got a question about your choice of camera, as to be fair, the default one is absolute shit. :p

    I've heard about Lollipop Camera, do you rate it?
    Hey. I came across a posting where you mentioned "step-by-step Linux commands" you used to give to folks wanting to get under the hood and understand their device... I've been looking for a resource like that to learn how Android OS directories are structured on my HTC One SV (K2_CL running 4.2.2). I've been using a CLI to try and figure it all out. If you've got a resource you could point me to, that'd be sweet.
    I found another app that may be even better than MX player that will play any video format under the sun called BS player. It will even explore LANs and it will work with ES FIle Explorer as well straight from the install without having to add any hacks.
    Any chance you could help me root my zte warp 4g let? Saw a feed on it but...I'd like a little more help if possible.
    "Let there be light!" ....

    and then there... was...


    Thanks for that, but I have tried to do that, but as the phone has fastboot enabled, this process doesn't work.
    Can you explain why I had a contact in my goggle contacts that had a contact,
    early mon, spambot. I would like to know if you have any information about this please.
    thank you so much. Im a good girl and will be on.got carried away. can and shuld just be deleted .so sorry for the trouble.
    Okay, great. Thank everyone involved, I appreciate it. Is the thread still available? I can't seem to find it.
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