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  • Found a BUG in RC3: When I click on a phone number on a webpage, it should go to dialer, and have the number plugged in there. However, it goes to dialer, and does not input the number. If I click on the phone number on a web page, and hit dial, same thing, goes to dialer, but doesn't input the number. Only way is to copy and paste number in. Any fix to this problem?

    Iam using Android Emulator,...
    Iam not able to call Google MAP API from the opera widget in Android Emulator.
    Moreover when i tried to connect to wi-fi, iam not gettinf wi-fi connection error.
    Can you help me in solving this.

    Thanks in advance
    Fab, I'm a big fan of your Apex builds. Two questions, first any chance you will do a version of Apex for Gingerbread. GB seems to be a great platform for you build. Second, I read where you are moving on to the Nexus S. If that's right can you share why that particular phone?
    Hey Fab... when are we gonna see a new APEX? I love current version, but would love some updates. Like "Power Controls" in notifications... apparently BGill has got them working...
    thanx . it tried that . didn't work. i took the phone back to verizon. ( after reformating the sd card to erase all traces of rooting ) they tried to reinstall / start from scratch. they couldn't. there going to send me a new phone. thanx . i really appreciate your help.
    thanx. it worked. now problem #2 i used boot stap on my sons droid to instal a different rom called vanilla taz. at reboot it froze on motorola logo. i powered down and then back up using power home & search. that took me to a reboot screen that didn't give me many options. to make a long story short . i went as far as putting apex on my sd card and renaming it update.zip, thats because it only gave option to boot fom ann update zip. i'm stuck . u got anything
    i need help installing apex on my droid x 2.2.1 2.3.340 i'm rooted i used z4root. i worked fine . i use rom manager but when it reboots it goes to the same old thing . help i'm a newb.
    Have had ApeX installed for two days now on my Droid X... I'm new to Android, and this is my first custom ROM, but so far, so good. Just wanted to stop by and say THANKS! Keep up the good work :)
    Hello Fab.
    I hope this is not the wrong way to go about this but I did some searching and failed to find information about it.

    I started this thread Bootlooping and cant mount sdcard. What now?.
    The issue has been resolved and I would like to change the title and the unhappy smiley icon.
    New title would be something like "Bootlooping and can not mount sdcard". Plus a happy face smiley icon (or just the unhappy smiley icon removed).

    Thanks in advance of your advice.

    PS, forgot to ask, does changing the title break the links if subscribed?
    I downloaded Apex v 1.2.1 installed fine everything looks great nice job on it! The only issue I am having is that Pandora won't play music, just says can't find music, and any mp3 i put on the phone says it cannot play that it cannot play that type of file. Any ideas?
    yoo funeral

    I cant get it to download it says operation timed out if you can help me out
    I have tried to install the Nextheme 10% circle battery mod but get stuck in bootloop everytime. My question to you is do you have a link to the zip thats different then the thread? Also curious if you have a touch of green for the nextheme? Sorry if you get this same type of message over and over. I appreciate all of your hard work, keep it trill bra!
    I have a question for you.. I am running Apex and loving it. I downloaded zip files of the blurr apks that you removed. I used terminal to restore Messaging.apk, Conversations.apk and BlurEmailEngine.apk inorder to get the stock sms app back.

    My question is, will this method work on any rom? I have found a few posts out there from people wanting the blurr sms app on other roms and didnt want to share my experience if this only works on Apex....Thanks
    hey fab love your nextheme but the battery percent wont install in the status bar. do you have a new update that i dont have that works?? let me know thanks man!
    Sup, what phone are you eyeing up next? Not feeling the love from Moto or VZ with the Droid X. Not to mention the forums have been boring for some time.
    Is there an HTC EVO Photography Subforum? If not is there an appropriate place to post photos showcasing the EVO Camera's capabilities?
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