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  • Nice to be back! I always hated the conversion years back...
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    Gosh it took a LONG time to get used to. And truthfully I never cared for it either! Thanks for the congrats report, LOL.
    Hey big guy..haven't been on the forums in a few years but I thought I'd drop you a shout since you were there to help back when I had my Esteem lol. Now I'm using Apple again. Take care and much love bro!
    maybe downgrade to zvd or just tweek rom#2 for zve It would be so nice to see it happing in front of my eyes and just figure shit out. Its hard to learn whats what when you don't have a clue.
    I wonder if you could show me the best possible setup for my lg esteem. I live in Ferndale not far away from you. Im still a bit of a noob and any help would be awesome.
    hey were you able to fix 28purple phone? i have the same issue with my lg esteem stuck on lg logo. can you help me? i was refered to you.
    hey were you able to fix 28purple phone? i have the same issue with my lg esteem stuck on lg logo.
    Hey man I saw that you were offering help with rooting phones which is awesome of you. I can't get the cmd to find my phone. Am I doing something wrong? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
    nice default pic, is that from a launcher that you can get off the playstore? lol i want it, it looks cool
    there has to be more people like you , you really helped me out now i can go change my phone for another one because of the warrenty i really thank you from the bottom of my wallet ... thanks so much
    So if i update to ZVD it wont void the warrenty? :D thanks for all your help im going to try and update it right now thanks for all your help ill message you if somthing goes wrong
    its on MS910ZVB i guess its already stock verison i unrooted it but i cant take of the clockmod recovery part please help my warrenty almost expires
    Hey Gbiggies! That is a REAL pup? Its not windup or battery operated?...oh man, cute! You should have this one "preserved and inducted into the Video Vault! .if it isnt already
    whats ZVB its that the stock verison?
    Well whenever your free just let me know what day you have to time i can be online i will really appreciate it
    Wait does that make me a vamp now??? I thought i had to be turned by OfTheDamned :p

    And it looks like only guides and mods have this privilege hehe ;)
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