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  • I could really use your help with my phone I tired the recovery thing and it just went too the starter thing with htc written on it then when back to the security warning page is there anything else I can do ??
    hey Rocky its Dan. I signed up cause I wanted to post a question about rooting the phone I am getting. You were right this site is helpful
    So sorry for such a long delay. I havent been on here in a while but thank u for the birthday wishes! :)
    Im actually quite proud:) Im very glad that some folks believed in me enough to make me a guide :D
    Once, on the set of Walker: Texas Ranger, a lamb died. The crew called Chuck Norris over to bring the tiny thing back to life. Immediately upon resurrecting it, Norris viciously roundhouse kicked it, killing it instantly. When asked why he did this, he simply said "The good Chuck giveth & the good Chuck taketh away."
    Hello Granite1, im some what a noob, at all this. I had my htc evo 4g rooted at one time using unrevoked3. I unrooted it due to the possibility of dxing to the evo 3d. I didnt dx after all. I am at 2.2 froyo, havent accepted any ots or fotas in fear of loosing the rooting possibility, Im running hboot 2.10 w s-off. I was following the thread on the gentleman same scenario but GB. Can i just go back to unrevoked3, and sustain root? Another question, new to the rom flashing, what would you reccommend?
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