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  • Hi, This is Android4250 (Logan) I don't know if you can help me..... I need help on my rom.

    Please contact me by email, I'm not always on here. Thanks,
    first i odened to to factory non root ed13 then i rooted then i did shabby kernel flash after that i used oden to flash cwm i put sphm820.ops in ops location i then check the one package box and put hk_1_2_cwm_rev_3 zip in the one package place and i all ready had on the sd at this time and cwm instruction to a T after this i installed shabby mod 9.0 loded
    hay hroark13 did every thing u said to do for the cwm and my phone still said it is on the ed13 baseband any ideas
    im having problems doing a nam1 and nam2 backup is there anyway to do this cdma workshop seems like it hates the prevail already have spc, followed ur way to copy nv items ... and one more question is how do i find the ha and aaa pass
    Was wondering if you could help me?
    I am trying to create a flashable zip for my theme. I uot kitchen to help me create a edify script. But when I flash it. It doesn't stick.
    Any suggestions?
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